Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Sulaga wage Awidin E book

One of the Best sri lankan love stories we have seen. It was wriiten by Mr. Dinesh kolabage 1994 to Tharunaya news paper. 1996 he publish this as a book and it was very popular among school boys, girls and young generation. We tried to find a hard copy of book but there was no luck. we went to all the big book shops and non of em had it. Yes we had the E book... Lucky.

We posted this last year in our blog to share with our readers but those days OURLANKA blog was a kid and not much people visited... Now after a year we are doing really good.

So we thought to share it with Our readers again...

Download th E BOOK now.


* All the credit goes to the person who did scanning and 1st upload. we found it via internet.

E Book List


  1. My ever loving love story!!! never forget..

  2. This is the first novel i've read.This story includes my friends story ... i love this!!!